Can I buy Cheaper Mobile Phone ?

Can we buy low price mobile phones, What about performance ?

by Rahul on 23-Nov-13

Very often, I get following Questions from many people.....

1. Can I buy Cheaper Smart phone with the same configuration as branded one?
2. Is it worth to buy the less branded smart phone and what about performance ?
3. What are all the pros and cons of cheaper mobile handsets?
4. Is it worth to pay huge bucks for highly branded smart phones?

Let me try to answer these questions with my personal experience...

I have huge collection of mobile phones in my shelves nearly 250+ handsets, I buy them to know the latest configuration and to test few mobile apps at various programming level. But, as an individual, always I would like to change my mobile handset very often for the sake of look and style. Mobile making companies are trying to capitalizing on this and looking to earn great money out of it!

What is the actual price of highly branded mobile handset?

We see people are spending huge money to buy the branded mobile handset, but you need to understand that manufacturing cost of those mobiles are not even 30 % of it. Balance amount goes to the royalty, Advertisement, software etc. Also dealer commission, taxes are considerably high while considering the value of the product. Even though quality matters, the grace on costlier mobile is unlimited and it gives better personality to the individual.

Verdict on cheap mobile smart phones...

If you compare the low branded mobile phones with highly branded mobile for the same configuration, the prices are 60 % cheaper and can give the same functionality except look and feel. Here are my score on the branded and cheaper phones. I have derived this based on my personal experience and usage..

The complete performance report - Score card

Category Low Branded Mobiles Branded Mobile Phone
Finish & look 6 8
Hardware configuration 7 8
Software updates 7 9
Service & support 5 8
Price 10 3
Resale Value 3 6
Functional performance 7 8
Worth for Money 8 8

* Above chart was prepared by testing 250+ smart mobile phones available in the market!

Personally, I would like to go with cheap handsets rather than paying huge bucks for highly branded phones, Just because, we tend to change every alternate year...