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STD code / area code / phone dial calling code for ANKLESHWAR is 2646, which is in BHARUCH in the state of GUJARAT

How to dial phone Call to ANKLESHWAR ?

If calls are made with in India:

0 + 2646 + ( 6 to 8 digits telephone number )

If calls are made from outside India :

Local Exit code of the country + 91 + 2646 + ( 6 to 8 digits telephone number )

Recent STD code Traces

STD Code is used as a prefix code to dial the fixed line / Land line numbers across Indian locations. This can also be called as area Code / Phone code used across India. Unlike other countries India has separated clear number differentiation between Fixed line number and Mobile Numbers across all Indian States and Union locations. Before Calling any Phone number, Use must add these area code along with Zero for Fixed line calling.

  • Telephone prefix Code / STD Code is required to call from one landline to another Phone Number
  • Dial zero and then STD Code / Area Code is required to dial from a landline phone in one STD code area to another.
  • For Mobile / Cell Phone Dial zero and then STD Code / area code is required to dial any Land line number in India