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How to raise / launch complaint about telecom and mobile companies or network for poor service

Telecom Consumers Complaint Monitoring System (TCCMS)

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is keen on protecting the interests of mobile phone users and consumers of telecom services across all states. Hence TRAI has developed exclusive web page to register the complaint to circulate with telecom companies and also monitor, view the action by the telecom companies like Airtel , Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, MTS, Tata Docoma, etc. TCCMS ( Telecom Consumers Complaint Monitoring System is developed mainly to help the phoe users (customers) in processing their complaints and action update. TRAI has fixed the primary responsibility for addressing customer complaints lies with the service providers not with TRAI. TRAI only facilitates the customer to get it done through service provider or mobile phone network.
Click here to visit TCMS Page and launch complaint
The TCCMS has given detailed procedure and links in the page for complaint registration and tracking. Their services as follows...

Service 1 :

To seek the information on complaint center for lodging a new complaint with your telecom service provider or mobile network

Service 2 :

To find the particulars of the appellate authority to escalate the problem in case your registered complaint has not been addressed satisfactorily by the telecom service provider or not responded at all

Service 3 :

To view the status of a complaint already lodged or to know the action taken on your complaint for further update (you will need to provide the unique complaint number)

Service 4 :

To check the current status with latest information of the appeal lodged with the appellate authority (we need the unique appeal number for further processing

TRAI has published the guidelines on complaint redressal system and mechanisam. These Procedures or regulations provide for timely action on service providers or telecom companies. TRAI expects the all telecom companies and service providers to have an effective and better complaint redressal system set up for timely display on their social media or telecom's websites.

Disclaimer from TRAI

We must understand that, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India only facilitates us to resolve our complaints and improve the customer satisfaction hence TRAI is not liable for any issues, loss or financial expenses incurred or suffered that is claimed to have resulted from the use of this system, including, without limitation any fault, error, omission, interruption or delay with respect thereto. Hence all the users are advised to make a note of the same and use the service if needed. You are free to write to us for any further complaint or issues.