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Find Phone STD code / Area code / Dial code for Indian Cities and towns

Find City name for any given STD code in India

STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) codes in India are a part of the national numbering plan. They are used to make long-distance or inter-city phone calls within the country. Here's a brief overview:

  1. STD codes in India are a numerical prefix for making long-distance calls.
  2. They were introduced to simplify national and inter-city dialing.
  3. Each state and union territory in India has its unique set of STD codes.
  4. These codes help route calls efficiently to the desired destination.
  5. STD codes are typically followed by local telephone numbers.
  6. The first few digits of the number signify the destination area.
  7. STD codes facilitate communication between different states and regions.
  8. They are essential for landline phone services and some mobile services.
  9. Mobile numbers have a different numbering plan, separate from STD codes.
  10. Major cities like Mumbai (022) and Delhi (011) have distinct STD codes.
  11. STD codes are not required for local calls within the same area.
  12. India's national long-distance prefix is '0' (zero).
  13. You need to dial '0' followed by the STD code for an inter-city call.
  14. International calls from India require an '00' prefix.
  15. STD codes play a vital role in connecting people across the diverse regions of India.

STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) codes in India are numeric identifiers that represent specific geographic regions or cities within the country. They play a crucial role in making long-distance or intercity phone calls by allowing callers to dial the relevant code for the destination area followed by the local phone number.

STD codes are essential for distinguishing between the vast and diverse regions of India, ensuring that calls reach the correct location. While the format of these codes can vary, websites and directories provide easy access to lists of STD codes for cities and states, making it convenient for callers to find the appropriate code for their desired destination, facilitating efficient long-distance communication within India.