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Telephone Directory | How can i find the owner of land line or fixed telephone number with address information

Most of us struggle to find the correct owner information of fixed line or land line telephone numbers. Here, we have listed the landline or fixed telephone service providers and more information about their directory services. Earlier BSNL and MTNL had printed Directory and distributed to all of its customer, but due to the privacy and security issues, there is no such directory available for private telephone network company, but still you can get the details if you have valid reason to know it.

    BSNL Telephone Directory for landline with name and address

    MTNL Telephone Book for corporates and individual

    AIRTEL Phone Directory for landline phone numbers

    RELIANCE JIO Online Directory for fixed line phone numbers

    TATA Online Phone Directory

    VODAFONE IDEA telephone Pages

How can i find the telephone directory or name address of fixed phone for BSNL or MTNL ?

You can very well find the owner or caller or company name by searching with phone number in our page. Click here Trace Landline
for all BSNL and MTNL number all over the country. You just need to follow the link to get all updated directory information.

2. How can i find the telephoen directory for landline in Airtel, REliance, Tata Indicom, MTS, HFCL, Vodafone, Videocon and Aircel ?

You may get the exact location of the landline phone using our service, but to get the complete owner and address information you have to visit the telephoen operator or service provider. This action is traken to secure the privacy of any individual or firm, whereas, you can find the directory for BSNL and MTNL without any issues.

3. My Landline number with name is exist in Social media, can i remove directory or complaint here ?

No, Sorry we do not provide such service here, we have option to launch complaint against only mobile numbers here.

4.Landline or Fixed telephone directory service is chargable ?

No. Its absolutely free and you van search any number of telephone numbers for all information with in India.

5.Where do i contact to get the personal details of an individual with private telephone operators like Airtel, Reliance and tata ?

The process may not be so easy to trace or track or search or find the list of land line numbers and directory with private telephone companies. Infact most of teh countries have banned the directory for public use due to privacy restriction.

6. Which are all the location has landline telephone directory ?

Telephoen directory service is available all over the states and cities, to give you an major idea, the list are

Airtel Telephone Directory

BSNL Fixed Line Telephone Directory

MTNL Fixed Line Telephone Directory

JIO Land Line Telephone Directory