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All Inida Free Roaming, Mobile number portability across India !

It’s good news for many of us !
All-India mobile number portability is going to hit us within 4 months, expected by April 2014. So when you move from one state to another state, you can retain the same mobile number as local number and save huge amount of roaming charges. Officially TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has directed department of telecommunication (DoT) to execute before April-2014.

What is this communication & How it is useful to me ? If you are using your mobile phone outside your telecom circle, you are charged heavily with roaming charges, hence TRAI (government body) has directed the department of telecommunication to put full stop for this and remove this roaming barrier completely. Also You will get an option to retain your number across all states of Inida.

Example :
If you are residing in Mumbai and would like to move to Delhi, it’s possible to use your same number without changing the mobile operator for the same tariff. Telecom companies shouldn’t charge any extra cost for your roaming. To say Simply, Its like India has become one telecom state or circle.

What is the benifit of free Roaming / all India mobile number Portability ?

The removal of roaming is undoubtedly beneficial to the 700 Million mobile phone users across India, who no longer have to worry about roaming charges while away from their home network.
As usual, telecome Operators are reluctant to this proposal as it will affect their profit margins tremendously. A study says, At present Roaming charges in India, accounts for 10% of the total revenue to the mobile network operators. These companies also proposed a number of other reasons for the objection, such as security issues and unhealthy mobile competition, etc.But TRAI has neglected these arguments, and ready to pass the benefit to Indian mobile users.

It's great news for all of us, Isn't ?