My Mobile phone is stolen / missing, What do I do ?
How to i find lost mobile ?

Before going to the topic, do the following if you get convinced that your Mobile is lost !

1. Change your all account password like bank, mail, user account etc.. Otherwise someone may misuse your account.

2. Call the telecom operator and block your SIM immediately. !

3. Spread the information to your home , office and close relatives. Recollect your lost visiting spot and intimate to the concerned person.

4. Immediately report to Police department. There are few chances that, you may get the handset immediately. ! ( Someone would have handed over, if you missed somewhere ) And seek for FIR copy.

5. Finally, Report to Insurance company and wait for the process of claim

After that, you have few ways to trace or locate your mobile phone...

A.IMEI Number

Contact your Network operator with your phone IMEI number, they will trace the mobile phone location even it is switched off ! But interacting with our network operators doesn't look easy, hence approach them with valid FIR copy !

B. Google Latitude

It uses the GPS method to trace your exact location of your mobile phone, it has worked for thousands of users in the world !

C. Android Apps

There are many Android apps in the market, which helps to trace the mobile phone location likes Find my phone, plan, etc..
Morover, lodging a police complaint will surely help you to trace the mobile or get insurance claim !

D. Third party Investigation

Now there are plenty of third party paid services, to locate your lost mobile phones. Their investigation business model zoom your phone location any of the above techniques and locate with all relevent info ! Even though they charge heavily, Getting back from the new person is at your own risk.
Lets see how its work out for us ?!

Thanks for reading !